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In 1991 The Original® glove was born. The brainchild of a legendary race mechanic that sparked a revolution for working hands. Championed by mechanics and pit crews at the 1991 Daytona 500, The Original® is the glove that started it all. Decades later, our roots in motorsports have grown into industries where skilled hands go to work every day. Mechanics, construction workers, trade professionals, service members and law enforcement all agree.

Our commitment to anatomical design, industry leading material technology and rigorous testing standards has made us the preferred choice of skilled trade professionals and service members around the world.

We continue to build upon the trust of our hardworking hands by looking beyond conventional ideas to innovate the most advanced and high-performance protection for workers across all industries and extending Mechanix Wear beyond the glove that started it all and into new categories of hand and arm protection, safety eyewear protection, and protective apparel.


Mechanix champions everyone who works with their hands, across many industries and markets. We have partnered with leaders in different channels to ensure trusted protection will be accessible to everyone.

For over 30 years, consumers have been able to find Mechanix in some of the largest retails in the world. Today the consumer channel has grown to find Mechanix product in major Automotive retails, Home Improvement retailers, Big Box Retails, Club Stores and Sporting Goods.

Early in our history, Special Operations of the Military trusted Mechanix to protect them in the most dangerous of environments. This ultimate trust has grown into a specific channel for Mechanix that serves active military personnel through in both MRO and combat situations, both supplied by key distribution partners as well as directly through government contracts.

Our commercial/industrial business serves workers and businesses with the support of distribution partners. Across the globe, we work with distributors to solve customer problems in various industries - manufacturing, energy, construction, utilities, transportation, government, oil & gas, and more. Through these partnerships, we work together to improve safety, lower total cost of ownership and develop some of the industry’s most leading-edge solutions.

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